About Professional Referral Exchange

Business Networking Leads to Profitable Business Experiences

The idea of business networking, as practiced by members of Professional Referral Exchange, is an improvement on other organizations that suggest networking. It is based on a systematic practice of specific skills which raises networking to a fine art. Essentially, we assist each person to succeed by having them follow a plan and by repeating that plan over time. This instills a philosophy of business and even a way of life that all but guarantees an enjoyable and potentially profitable business experience.

PRE versus Local Chamber of Commerce

Unlike your local Chamber of Commerce, we allow only one business category in each Chapter. This means that you will not be competing with other companies in your industry. Instead of “after hours” business card exchange events, we focus exclusively on your business and seek opportunities to give you referrals. Business card exchanges only give you an opportunity to “get acquainted;” people, however, do not “do business” with your business card. Within the structure of Professional Referral Exchange, we incorporate the elements needed to build strong ongoing relationships for your success. We ask our members to give a minimum of two referrals monthly which is consistent with our purpose.

PRE versus In Service Clubs

In service clubs like Rotary, Lions, and Kiwanis, the primary focus is to be of service to your community. Although many businesses have realized increased sales as a secondary benefit from these organizations, Professional Referral Exchange concentrates exclusively on generating referrals within its’ membership.

Increase Your Business via KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST

We know the importance of getting to know, like, and trust our members; so everything we do is driven by that concept. We come to know you because you are scheduled regularly to present information about your business. We grow to like you because we meet weekly and visit with you. We learn to trust you when we give you a referral and you handle it well.

Structured Business Networking

Structured business networking is a successful method, when consistently practiced by Chapter members, that enhances “word of mouth” advertising for increased sales.

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What Our Members Say

I was invited to come to a PRE chapter as a guest, and went to a meeting where I learned the group meet EVERY week at an early hour. I'm not a morning person, and thought to myself - EVERY week? No way! However, explaining the group and it's procedures to my husband after that first meeting, I realized it could be a great thing to be part of. When I returned for a second guest meeting, five - five! - people remembered me by name. "I decided to join, and if I could recoup the expenses of membership and quarterly dues in business generated by referrals, I'd continue to be a member. Well, I earned way over the expenses needed, and have been a member for 5 years, and just joined for my 6th year! My PRE chapter members have become friends, business associates, and trusted colleagues. I'm still not happy about the early hour - haha - but I get energized and jazzed by these meetings, and love them - and my PRE family, too!

Robyn Holder, Health & Nutrition Category, Harrisburg/Swatara Chapter, joined in April 2014

Motivational Quote

Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.

Marie Forleo

What our Members Say

Crystal Groves - Gettysburg Chapter

I started attending P.R.E. events in December 2017 on a whim while looking for ways to build my network for my business. I did no realize then that P.R.E. would completely transform my business and more than triple my network in the first year. I’ve made friendships and bonds with other local business owners that I simply would not find anywhere else. They not only sell my business for me to their own networks, but they provide me with quality service and a mentorship that is worth top dollar.

Kristina Rodriguez - Gettysburg Chapter

PRE not only gives referrals but also promotes businesses from within and allows me to be a part of something more. The relationships that I have built in PRE will last a lifetime. THe Gettysburg Chapter is a very supportive group of one another. We are each others sales force and connectors. The extra connections that we have made are very beneficial as well.

Scot Whiskeyman, Financial Advisor Category, Harrisburg/Swatara Chapter

Professional Referral Exchange has been pivotal to my success as a business owner and networker. I was unbelievably nervous when I first joined, and was for months. I still remember standing in front of the group and giving my first 20 minute presentation. My hands were shaking and I read off a piece of paper! Because of PRE’s structure, and consistent processes, I slowly but surely honed by public speaking skills. While not perfect by any means, I can now quickly speak in front of any group of people on the fly. I’m also President of my chapter – something I never anticipated when I fir