Exton Chapter of Professional Referral Exchange

Local Business Networking and Referral Group in Exton

Professional Referral Exchange is in a location near you! Specializing in connecting business professionals with other like-minded business contacts, Professional Referral Exchange has a vibrant chapter located in Exton. The Exton Chapter of PRE aims to provide its members with new business opportunities and connections that may have originally passed them by.

If you’d like to find out more about this chapter, or are curious as to all the ways that Professional Referral Exchange can increase business for your company, please contact the Area Director listed below. To learn more about PRE in general, check out our About Us page.

Chapter Information

Chapter Website


Meeting Location

IHOP Exton, PA Business Route 30.

Meeting Day & Time

Every Thursday at 8:00 am

Chapter Area Director

DeniseMonaco - dmonaco@settlementengine.com

Inclement Weather Policy

Coming soon

Our Member List

Dan Armstrong of Armstrong & Carosella
Law firm - 2 partners, 3 associates, 4 paralegals
David Magee of US Health Advisors
Category: Health Insurance
Address: 611 Morgan Dr E
Helping small business owners, families, self-employed and individuals with Health Insurance.
Derek Chandler of
Category: Insurance - Commercial
Commercial business.
Gail Rader of Berkshire Hathaway
Category: Realtor - Residential
Residential real estate sales and leasing.
Janet L. Muck of Juice Plus
Category: Health & Nutrition
Juice Plus provides whole food based nutrition from a variety of fruits and vegetables in convenient capsule form.
Lawrence Smith of Heave It
Category: Junk Removal/Downsizing
Helping individuals downsize/junk removal. Specializing in recycling and finding new life for reusable items thereby reducing dumping into landfills.
Michael Johnson of Janney Montgomery Scott
Category: Financial Advisor
7 Person financial advisory team
Paul Esposito of Rapid Mortgage Company
Residential mortgages provided through VA, USDA, FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and portfolio lenders.
Dr. Ray Resnick of Resnick Chiropractic

Our Board

Derek Chandler
Larry Smith
Vice President
Paul Esposito
Mike Johnson
Gail Rader
Vince Carosella
Jan Muck
Paul Esposito
Sargent at Arms

Our Latest Referral Reports

    What our Members Say

    Robyn Holder - Harrisburg/Swatara Chapter

    I was invited to come to a PRE chapter as a guest, and went to a meeting where I learned the group meet EVERY week at an early hour. I’m not a morning person, and thought to myself – EVERY week? No way! However, explaining the group and it’s procedures to my husband after that first meeting, I realized it could be a great thing to be part of. When I returned for a second guest meeting, five – five! – people remembered me by name. “I decided to join, and if I could recoup the expenses of membership and quarterly dues in business generated by referrals, I’d continue to be a member. Well, I earned way over the expenses needed, and have been a member for 5 years, and just joined for my 6th year! My PRE chapter members have become friends, business associates, and trusted colleagues. I’m still not happy about the early hour – haha – but I get energized and jazzed by these meetings, and love them – and my PRE family, too!

    Scot Whiskeyman, Financial Advisor Category, Harrisburg/Swatara Chapter

    Professional Referral Exchange has been pivotal to my success as a business owner and networker. I was unbelievably nervous when I first joined, and was for months. I still remember standing in front of the group and giving my first 20 minute presentation. My hands were shaking and I read off a piece of paper! Because of PRE’s structure, and consistent processes, I slowly but surely honed by public speaking skills. While not perfect by any means, I can now quickly speak in front of any group of people on the fly. I’m also President of my chapter – something I never anticipated when I first joined! I cannot say enough about the support I’ve gotten from both my chapter members and PRE Corporate. I’ve brought enough revenue to cover about 10 years of dues. And I have built strong relationships with like-minded business people who I’m proud to call my friends.

    Bray Hansel - Downingtown Chapter

    When I started to build my network I tried various groups. Some were completely free and informal. Others were socially oriented, with big lavish networking events. I made valuable connections at these, but over the course of 2 years, made very little real progress in building a funnel of high-quality referrals. I joined PRE around the same time, and with the other members started building our chapter in Downingtown. Two years later PRE stands out as by far my most productive marketing endeavor. So far, from PRE referrals alone, I’ve brought in about $4,000,000 of assets into Sterling’s management.