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What Our Members Say

I wanted to share the power of a good lead. Kathryn P. introduced me to an associate. We met today, and he is going to set up an enrollment event for me in January and February that will get me in front of over 200 employees! He made it clear that I was getting this opportunity because of Kathryn's referral. He actually is a Legal Shield customer, and sees the value in both plans being offered this year. With even a merger close rate of 20% that will lead to over 10,000.00 in sales from this one lead! Thanks Kathryn for your tremendous help!

What our Members Say

Crystal Groves - Gettysburg Chapter

I started attending P.R.E. events in December 2017 on a whim while looking for ways to build my network for my business. I did no realize then that P.R.E. would completely transform my business and more than triple my network in the first year. I’ve made friendships and bonds with other local business owners that I simply would not find anywhere else. They not only sell my business for me to their own networks, but they provide me with quality service and a mentorship that is worth top dollar.

Kristina Rodriguez - Gettysburg Chapter

PRE not only gives referrals but also promotes businesses from within and allows me to be a part of something more. The relationships that I have built in PRE will last a lifetime. THe Gettysburg Chapter is a very supportive group of one another. We are each others sales force and connectors. The extra connections that we have made are very beneficial as well.

Scot Whiskeyman, Financial Advisor Category, Harrisburg/Swatara Chapter

Professional Referral Exchange has been pivotal to my success as a business owner and networker. I was unbelievably nervous when I first joined, and was for months. I still remember standing in front of the group and giving my first 20 minute presentation. My hands were shaking and I read off a piece of paper! Because of PRE’s structure, and consistent processes, I slowly but surely honed by public speaking skills. While not perfect by any means, I can now quickly speak in front of any group of people on the fly. I’m also President of my chapter – something I never anticipated when I fir